Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I Love My Girls

I love the random things my girls do, say, and wear. Here are a few examples:

Channing does...
She loves collecting pieces of paper, brochures, comment cards, receipts, credit card applications from stores, basically anything that she can use as directions, instructions, an invitation to a special party or a treasure map. I love that she does this. She will find something and carry it around for days. I've posted this picture before but notice what she has in her hand. It's a comment card from Kohls.

Channing Says...
Prayer by Channing: Dear Heavenly Father, We're thankful for our day and our breakfast. Please bless it that it will be healthy for our bodies, well...not the Marshmellow Mateys because they have a lot of sugar in them.

Prayer by Channing: Dear Heavenly Father, We're grateful that we have a nice home to live in so we don't have to live, like outside or at the zoo.

Channing Wears...

My Little Rock Star:

Mail Lady Channing and her helper Chloe:

Girls In Boots:

Chloe Does...
Chloe went through a phase where she licked everything. I am so amazed she wasn't sick all the time. I wrote down a few of the things I witnessed her lick. Who knows what else there was that I never saw?
1. Ryan's IPOD
2. Kitchen floor (it wasn't even freshly mopped)
3. Channing's tap shoe
4. The carpet(I bet that was a sad surprise, a mouth full of fuzz)
5. The entire lenghth of my arm(she's quick, she got all the way up my arm before I could pull it away)
6. Ryan's hand
7. The hairy part of the hair brush
8. Channing's arm(what's with the arms?)
9. Bottom of her own shoe
10. Wal-Mart grocery cart(The worst of all in my book. What is it about Wal-mart carts that make me cringe to touch them and she LICKED it.)
11. Brand new computer monitor. Story: We bought a new computer and Ryan was taking it out of the box and checking to see that all the parts were there. He walked out of the room for a minute and came back to this:

Chloe says...

The girls got balloons at the store and were playing with them in my room. Chloe let hers go and it floated right into the fan. It made a horrible thumping sound as it was getting whipped around and tangled up. There was a small freakout by both girls and then I saw Chloe on her knees: Dear Henly-a-Father, please bless my balloon doesn't get windy in the fan.

Chloe wears...

Her favorite socks:

My goggle-eyed ballerina:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend in Atlanta

I flew to Atlanta last weekend to be there for my nephew's baptism. My brother who was on a mission in North Carolina was coming home that same weekend so he flew to Atlanta to be there with us all. It was a GREAT few days.

Here we are at the airport waiting for Michael to arrive. 3 of my sisters were there, my parents, and of course my sister and her kids who live in Atlanta.
He was really surprised when he saw us all. He was only expecting my parents and Tiffany to be there. We had a great day eating, shopping, and hanging out.

Corbin was baptized on Saturday. He was really excited. I was glad I could be there for his special day.

Channing and Chloe had so much fun with daddy while I was gone. They played in the pool, went to the movies, ate out for dinner, and had a fun day at Grandma and Papa's. I'm not sure how much they really missed me. Ryan had the house all clean and the girls bathed and ready for church when I got home Sunday morning. Everything went smoothly, well almost...

On one of their excursions there was an incident that involed pizza, Chloe, and a chair. The result was this nice black eye.
I am thankful for a wonderful husband who was willing, and loved being Mr. Mom for a few days.