Friday, August 29, 2008

How Hard Can It Be?

Those were the words that came out of my mouth as Ryan and I discussed selling our home and me having to have the house "show ready" all the time. I love having a clean house and do my best to keep it pretty clean, so I thought it would be fairly easy to be ready to show our house at any minute. Oh how I was wrong! It's a whole different type of clean when you're showing your house. Nothing can be conveniently put in a closet to get it out of sight. You can't just close doors to certain room if those rooms are a bit disheveled. I did however get a pointer from a friend that if you're in a pinch and need somewhere to HIDE you miscellaneous stuff, go for the dryer or the fridge. These are 2 places that people usually won't look. I discovered that Ryan used this method and found it very successful. When I came home from one of my trips to Utah, I was putting groceries away and found the pan he used to boil his shrimp, with all the shrimp shells in it, in the freezer. Guess who got to take care of it then?

I am happy to say that we closed on our new house and have moved in, which means I no longer have to have our home "show ready" Yahoo!!! I will post pictures soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Where Does Meat Really Come From?

Channing and Ryan got into a conversation about meat this morning. Ryan realized that Channing knew meat came from animals but she didn't know exactly how. He asked her how she thought we get meat and these were her answers:
1. You milk it out of them and mix it with something and it makes meat.
2. They lay an egg and the meat is in the egg.
3. They grow it and you pick it off them like fruit on a tree.
4. They eat something and then when they throw up it comes out meat, just like birds do with food for their babies.
We couldn't decide whether or not to tell her the real story. We opted not to. We're afraid we would have a little vegetarian on our hands.