Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Simple Things

I love that kids appreciate the simple things. It usually doesn't take much to make a child happy. This video is a great example. Listen to Chloe laughing.

The Simple Things my girls love:
1. Eating lunch outside
2. Helping me water the flowers
3. Going to the park
4. Snack Time
5. Family Home Evening
6. ANY family activity!
7. Their neighbor friends, Mallory and Samantha
8. Movie and popcorn night
9. Lip stuff (chapstick, lip gloss, etc.)
10. Sugar cereal on Saturday morning
11. Walking to the gas station for a treat!!!
12. Receiving fun holiday boxes from Grandma & Grandpa Stream
13. Going to young women's with me
14. Playing at Grandma & Papa's house
15. Dressing up and dancing around while I play the piano
16. Daddy honking his car horn to let us know he's home

What are some of the simple things your kids love?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sign Typo Confusion

Sorry about the confusion regarding the sign typo below. We thought it would be easier to spot. On the "Only White T-Shirts", look how they spelled t-shirts. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Cruise

Ryan and I left Thursday afternoon on a 4 day cruise and returned Monday afternoon. We had a great day at sea on Friday where we ate way too much food and spent the majority of the day relaxing on deck, reading and napping. I took the book "Twilight" and read the whole thing during our days at sea. I loved it! Saturday we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico.

We walked around a little and bargained with several people on the price of a rental car. One guy told us he would get us a Mexican Ferrari convertible for the day. That sounded great to me. The thought of us driving down the coastline in a nice convertible, with the wind blowing in our, well my hair, was very appealing. Now I knew it wouldn't really be a Ferrari but I wasn't expecting this:

It was a lot of fun though and once Ryan found reverse we were off.

We drove along the coast and stopped at a couple different beaches to snorkel. One of the beaches we went to we took a tour boat out to snorkel 2 great reefs. We saw 2 Stingrays, 1 big Manta ray, a sea turtle, a few Barracuda fish, a big Lobster and lots of other beautiful fish. I love snorkeling! After our snorkeling excursion we did some shopping to find the girls a little souvenir. This is the advertisement we saw in one of the shops. See if you can find the error.

On Sunday we had another great relaxing day at sea. The food was great and I couldn't stay away from the 24 hour soft serve ice cream machine. I think I went through withdrawals the first day we were back.

What a great vacation! Ryan and I loved the time away but we were also happy to see our little girls on Monday.