Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Days of School


Channing started 1st grade this fall. The night before school Ryan and I gave the girls a little relaxing spa night. They got to sip on lemonade and gingerale with cucumbers on their eyes, which they weren't too sure about, as we painted fingernails/toenails, gave hand and foot massages all while listening to peaceful music. They loved it.


Chloe started Pre-K. She loves that she gets to take her lunch every day and they get to go on really cool fieldtrips. Channing and I are always a bit jealous of Chloe's school day. Each week there is a mystery person that they talk about and this week it's a Baker. So this morning they took a trip to Shipley's to say hello to a Baker and of course get a nice, warm, fresh donut...yum!!

I love how their outfits tell so much about their personalities

Hopefully more posts real soon:)