Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poodleskirts and Ponytails

We had a 50's Party/Sock Hop at our church a couple weekends ago. They encouraged us to dress-up and have fun with it so I decided to make the girls poodle skirts. They were so easy and the girls loved them. Chloe really wanted to wear hers to church the next day.

Ryan always tells me that Channing and Chloe are my little dress-up dolls and I have to admit they kind of are. I love little girls.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Days

Hats off to a great summer!

Here is a summary of our summer. I figured this is the best way to make up for all the posts I haven't written.

My brother Michael's wedding.

My brother got married in May to this beauty, Kylee. They are so cute together and I'm excited to have another great sister-in-law in the family.

Staub Family Reunion at Artesian Lakes

We had a fun family reunion at Artesian Lakes with the Staub family. Cool cabins, fun swimming, lots of alligators, and quality family time. It was fun having all the cousins there together.

Channing's dance recital.

What a cute group of girls with an awesome teacher. Thanks Angie!

Trips to the Zoo and Children's Museum with our friends the Petty's.

Swim Team

Swim Team

and more swim team!!!
(I thought it would never end)

The girls enjoyed it and did so well. I was hoping that Chloe would be able to swim the length of the pool by the end of the season but she did it by the 2nd swim meet. We were so proud of her. Channing had another great year and won her first, 1st place ribbon. What a great season. Good job girls.

(Chloe in the middle lane)

(Channing in lane 6)

Vacation Bible School

The girls attended a week of vacation bible school at Fisher's of Men, which is where Channing went to preschool last year. The theme was "God the Builder" and now I can't sing the Bob the Builder song without singing it God the Builder, not that I sing the song often in the first place. The girls learned some fun religious songs and sang them for weeks. Here's Chloe performing one of her favorites.

4th of July.
We spent the 4th of July weekend at the lake house. Vern and Sheriee hosted the 2nd annual Freedom Swim and had about 80 people participate. It seems like a good start to a great tradition.

(Check out the sweet prom pose from Chloe and Ben...hilarious!)

The kids had fun with sparklers and a few other fireworks on the dock and then we enjoyed a beautiful firework show right on the lake.

Chloe hates loud noises and sat like this most of the evening.

A visit from the Wade cousins.

My sister came for a visit and brought her 3 kids. We had a blast.

We played.

We swam.

We face painted at the Children's Museum.

And probably best of all, we sipped snow cones by the pool...thanks Sheriee!

What a great summer! Stay tuned for what happened after our summer ended.