Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas with Wes, Kate and their kids. The girls were so excited that Logan and Benny got to spend the night at our house on Christmas Eve.

They decorated cookies for Santa and ate a few too.
We sprinkled food on the driveway for the Reindeer.
The Christmas Story was told, songs were sung, and all the kids were off to bed like good little boys and girls. Yahoo!!

Christmas Morning: The kids all got a lot of fun toys. Each year we give the girls new pajamas on Christmas Eve and this year I decided to make them. The girls got new dolls from Santa and the dolls were wearing matching pajamas. Santa must have seen me making them and had his elves make matching ones for their new dolls. The girls thought that was so cool! Way to go elves.

Then....Logan and Ben got to stay at our house for a week while Wes and Kate went on a cruise with Kate's family. The boys went back and forth between our house and Grandma and Papa's house. We played hard and had a lot of fun.

We rode bikes and took trips to the park

We walked a couple miles around Brazos Bend State Park to see and touch alligators.

We put all the kids to work raking leaves and then we had to play in them, of course.

What a great Christmas vacation!